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De Beauvoir, Sketchbook Original Drawing

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Sketchbook original drawing, drawn with light fast inks on location 22cm x 24cm

This tough little tree is the middle of De Beauvoir council estate. Built in the 1960s on former industrial land along the South side of Regents Canal. The Estate consists of five high-rise tower blocks, and a number of low-rise tower blocks, interconnected with maisonettes and bungalows. It also has a number of play areas, disused underground garages and large drying areas.
I like this place, it reminds me of my childhood. The whiff of a bin shed all ways triggers the madeleine moment for me. Being here also reminds my of how my teenage identity was tied to these poorly maintained tower blocks. We wore these places like a badge of honour, the rougher the better, these places made us tough. The neglect of these places made us feel neglected and in turn we’d happily neglect ourselves, too tough to try at school, wasn’t scared of the police and dabbling with toxic substances was a dangerous mix.
It seems a little silly looking back on it now that I’m older and have change some what, although i hope somewhere deep inside the little tough guy is still there somewhere.



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