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De Beauvoir Town, Sketchbook Original Drawing

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Sketchbook original drawing, drawn with light fast inks on location 22cm x 24cm

his weeping birch is along one of the roads in De Beauvoir Town. This place is remarkably chocolate box, a mixture of Georgian and Victorian houses, a church and even a village green. the only thing that is missing is a anglican vicar cycling around on a push bike and a bright red royal mail van collecting and dropping off mail.
This estate was built for the factory owners who ran the rag trade in the east end. So they could distance themselves from the east end slums and get to breathe the cleaner air and also they wouldn’t have to be constantly kicking poor children out the way on their evening Strolls. But even though these people are long gone the area has still retained its air of exclusivity which leaves even me, the romanticiser of the slums wishing that I lived around here.


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