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Athens, Sketchbook Original Drawing

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Sketchbook original drawing, drawn with light fast inks on location 22cm x 24cm

This is the last drawing from Athens and it definitely had to be a orange tree.
When i first visited Athens i was amazed by the amount of these trees on the street and the bountiful harvest of fully grown oranges hanging from the branches. As a naive foreigner i love the idea of the generosity of these fruit trees lining the streets and if anyone fancies and vitamin C boost they can reach up and pluck one of the orange spheres from the green foliage and help themselves to the sweet delight of an orange.
But as with many things in life the reality doesn’t match the illusion. The fruit of these trees are so bitter that it renders them inedible. I did see the occasional discarded remanence of a hopeful attempt to devour one of these fruits lying in the street, probably from a plucky foreigner with the same delusions as me. But apart from these odd attempts the fruit seems to be left to the flies and the street sweepers.


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