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Broadway Market, Sketchbook Original Drawing

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Sketchbook original drawing, drawn with light fast inks on location 22cm x 24cm

This tree sits at the south end of London Fields where it meets Broadway Market. It’s always busy here because it becomes a sort of bottle neck of people coming from the park to the market and vice versa. This place also has it resident street drinkers who sit on the wall just opposite the tree, a stones throw from the off license and a stagger from the public toilets. As a group theses drinkers all ways seem Rowdier than most in the area, I’m not sure it this is more of a performance to get noticed by the mainly middle class park goers or the cider from this particular off license is slightly more potent. As i was drawing this a group of Hare Krishnas had set up a table with a selection of books underneath the tree to the bemusement of the drinkers.


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