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wells Street, Sketchbook Original Drawing

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Sketchbook original drawing, drawn with light fast inks on location 22cm x 24cm

This simple but no less insignificant tree can be found at the top of well street.
Which is the site of the first Tescos and close to where i fell off my bike and broke my arm around Easter 2021.
Well street is like most of Hackney, has changed quite significantly over the last 10 years. Going from empty shops to coffee shops. But even with this gentrification I still dislike the place. I have no particular reason why i do, whether it’s the Ocakbasi restaurant with the man with extremely long forearms that makes you wait for you food whilst giving his friends instant food when the walk in or its the pub The Gun, despite the pub being the size of an average living room it always seems to have of a full blown DJ in corner with no concerns of sound levels im not too sure.
The road just feels quite disjointed and awkward which may be a personal feeling to me, but its there anyhow.


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